The Coupa Card is a great way to earn rewards at any of our Coupa Cafe locations. The Coupa Card is rechargeable at any of our stores for any amount.

Specialty Drink Rewards
1 Free Coffee with the purchase of twelve
1 Free Chai Tea with the purchase of twelve
1 Free Hot Tea with the purchase of twelve
1 Free Hot Chocolate with the purchase of twelve

1 Free Specialty Drink on your birth‐week
15 Cents off when you bring your own mug

Coupa Points
Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at any Coupa Cafe.

Get rewards:
50 Points= Free Cookie
100 Points= Free Biscotti
150 Points= Free Specialty Drink
200 Points= Free 1/4 Lb Coupa Blend
250 Points= $15 Bonus on your Coupa Card

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Why register my Coupa Card?
Registering your Coupa Card allows you participate in Coupa Café’s rewards program. It also allows you to:

– Report a lost or stolen Coupa Card to protect your balance
– Combine your points and balances between cards
– Be notified of Coupa Café news and events via email
– Track your Coupa Points and Rewards
– View your card balance
– View your transaction history

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